Reg. No. Year From    Year To    Project / grant name     Scheme Project leader
PP-COVID-20-0044 2020 2021 SK: Vývoj terapeutických biomolekúl blokujúcich SARS-CoV-2 infekciu APVV Bhide Mangesh Ramesh
APVV-19-0193 2020 2024 New players in nanotherapy of neurodegenerative diseases: conditioned media (KM) and extracellular vesicles (EV) of somatic stem cells APVV Čížková Daša
APVV-19-234 2020 2024 Development of probiotic preparation based on autochthonous lactobacilli for salmonids intended to improve fish health and production of quality food APVV Mudroňová Dagmar
APVV-19-0440 2020 2024 Emerging zoonotic pathogens transmitted by neglected arthropod species in Slovakia APVV Peťko Branislav
APVV-19-0462 2020 2024 SK: Diagnostika, etiológia, terapia a prevencia digitálnej dermatitídy hovädzieho dobytka a jej vplyv na zdravie a welfare APVV Mudroň Pavol
12/2020 2020 2021 Effects of silybin and sangre de drago on selected immunological parameters in an in vitro model IGA Faixová Dominika
03/2020 2020 2021 The role of avian reservoirs in the circulation of tick-borne arboviruses with zoonotic potential IGA Loziaková Peňazziová Katarína
PP-COVID-20-NEWPROJECT-19117 2020 2021 SK: Vývoj terapeutických biomolekúl blokujúcich SARS-CoV-2 infekciu APVV Čížková Daša
008UVLF-4/2020 2020 2022 Increasing the entrepreneurial skills of students of study programmes in general veterinary medicine and food hygiene KEGA Korim Peter
015UVLF-4/2020 2020 2022 Inovation of pedagogical process by modernisation of lecture room and laboratory for practical learning and creation of study materials for follow disciplines: "Chov a choroby zveri I" a "Breeding and Diaseases of Game" KEGA Lazár Peter
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