Reg. No. Year From    Year To    Project / grant name     Scheme Project leader
SLeK/01/2022-23 2022 2023 Obesity from a pharmaceutical practice perspective Iné Holécyová Monika
2022-05-15-001 2022 2023 The effect of udder pathogens on the production and degree of oxidative stress in dairy cows Iné Zigo František
APVV-21-0129 2022 2025 Influence of intestinal microbiota modulation by probiotic bacteria on stimulation of myogenic stem cell activity in poultry APVV Karaffová Viera
APVV-21-0185 2022 2026 Influence of polluted environment on the incidence of bee nosematosis APVV Valenčáková Alexandra
SK-PL-21-0074 2022 2023 The tick Dermacentor reticulatus and Central Europe - spatiotemporal changes at the beginning of the millennium and epidemiological risks APVV Peťko Branislav
005UVLF-4/2022 2022 2024 Implementation of new scientific knowledge in teaching of Epizootiology KEGA Ondrejková Anna
009UVLF-4/2022 2022 2024 Transmission of research results to the innovation of teaching the study subject Animal Ethology. KEGA Kottferová Jana
015UVLF-4/2022 2022 2024 Innovation of Clinical and Pathological Biochemistry in study programme Pharmacy KEGA Valko-Rokytovská Marcela
017UVLF-4/2022 2022 2024 Implementation of information and imaging technologies in the study of the locomotor system KEGA Vdoviaková Katarína
1/0231/22 2022 2024 New possibilities of diagnosis and therapy of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal system in small animals VEGA Fialkovičová Mária
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