Title: Liečivé huby vo farmácii.
Record: BAČKOROVÁ, Miriam. Liečivé huby vo farmácii. Rec. Eva Čonková, Slavomír Kurhajec, Martina Zigová. 1. vyd. Košice : UVLF, 2022. ISBN 978-80-8077-770-8, 98 s. [4,4 AH]
Year: 2022
Category: V1 - The scientific output of the publishing activity as a whole
Output type: MON - monograph
Authors:BAČKOROVÁ Miriam100 %
Reviewers: Eva Čonková, Slavomír Kurhajec, Martina Zigová.
UVMP share: 100 %
Publisher: UVLF
Issue number: 1. vyd.
Place of issue: Košice
Country of issue: Slovakia
Range: 98 s. [4,4 AH]
Research area: 180 - Medical, pharmaceutical and non-medical health sciences
Field: Group of study fields: Health sciences and fields aimed at improving the quality of life
Name of the field of study: pharmacy
Language: slovak
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