Reg. No. Year From    Year To    Project / grant name     Scheme Project leader
1/0122/24 2024 2027 Study of paracrine signaling of somatic stem cells affected by a targeted stimulatory microenvironment. VEGA Čížková Daša
09I03-03-V02-00012 2023 2026 SK: Štipendiá pre excelentných PhD. študentov a študentky (R1) - UVLF ESIF Čížková Daša
APVV-22-0071 2023 2027 Prevention of periconceptional reproductive failure in animals via supplementation of diet with various sources of polyunsaturated fatty acids APVV Vlčková Radoslava
APVV-22-0457 2023 2027 Non-antibiotic approaches to control mastitis of cows with an increase in the hygiene of dairy farms conditions APVV Zigo František
001UVLF-4/2022 2023 2025 SK: Využitie a implementácia nových poznatkov vo výučbe hygieny chovu zvierat a welfare na Univerzite veterinárskeho lekárstva a farmácie v Košiciach KEGA Gregová Gabriela
1/0126/23 2023 2026 Antiproliferative complexes with bulky N- and O-donor aromatic ligands VEGA Váhovská Lucia
1/0236/23 2023 2026 Biomarkers of canine mammary gland tumors: intracellular, free and exosomal microRNAs VEGA Petroušková Patrícia
1/0161/23 2023 2026 Diversity and molecular analysis of Nosema spp. in bee colonies in Slovakia in connection with the occurrence of pesticide residues in environment VEGA Valenčáková Alexandra
KEGA:008UVLF-4/2023 2023 2025 Innovation and modernisation of practical learning of subjects Genetics and Clinical Genetics to increase quality of students´ education KEGA Galdíková Martina
006UVLF-4/2023 2023 2025 "Welfare dog training" educational material for the study program Cynology KEGA Lazár Peter
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