Reg. No. Year From    Year To    Project / grant name     Scheme Project leader
12/2020 2020 2021 Effects of silybin and sangre de drago on selected immunological parameters in an in vitro model IGA Faixová Dominika
03/2020 2020 2021 The role of avian reservoirs in the circulation of tick-borne arboviruses with zoonotic potential IGA Loziaková Peňazziová Katarína
15/2019 2019 2020 SK: Prevalencia Babesia gibsoni u plemena americký pitbulteriér na východnom Slovensku a nové možnosti terapie IGA Karasová Martina
1/2019 2019 2020 Assessment of genotoxic and cytotoxic effect of acetamipride insecticide in cell cultures IGA Schwarzbacherová Viera
06/2018 2018 2019 Impact of mesenchmal stem cell products on regenerative capacity of neural tissue in vitro IGA Humeník Filip
04/2018 2018 2019 Study of anaplasmosis in horse breeding in selected localities in Slovakia IGA Drážovská Monika
07/2018 2018 2019 The observation of lethality and morphological deviations in Artemia franciscana by exposition to pesticide imidacloprid IGA Špalková Michaela
IGA 1/2017 2017 2018 SK: Identifikácia toxinogénnych druhov mikromycét izolovaných z vajec IGA Regecová Ivana
05/2017 2017 2018 Urinary biochemical profile of cancer diseases with potential use in diagnostic practice IGA Očenáš Peter
09/2017 2017 2018 Detection of DNA damage in lymphocytes after exposure to pesticides IGA Galdíková Martina
Number of records in database: 16
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