Reg. No. Year From    Year To    Project / grant name     Scheme Project leader
APVV-20-0512 2021 2025 SK: Pokročilé superparamagnetické nanočastice pre biomedicínske aplikácie APVV Hudák Alexander
APVV-20-0184 2021 2024 Composite biomaterials with complex natural additives APVV Danko Ján
APVV-20-0099 2021 2024 Biologically active substances of drone brood to support metabolic processes and the immune response of animals APVV Levkut Mikuláš
APVV-20-0278 2021 2024 Degradable metallic biomaterials with controlled drug release APVV Kožár Martin
APVV-20-0114 2021 2025 Sex-specific microbiome and gene interactions in the pathogenesis of behavioral and gastrointestinal symptoms in the animal model of autism spectrum disorder. APVV Gancarčíková Soňa
APVV-20-0073 2021 2025 Chorioallantoic membrane - in vivo model for study of biocompatibility of materials APVV Petrovová Eva
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