Reg. No. Year From    Year To    Project / grant name     Scheme Project leader
1/0107/21 2021 2023 Activity of muscle myogenic stem cells and modulation of microflora in intestinal tract of poultry VEGA Levkut Martin
1/0014/21 2021 2023 Anomalies of intracranial venous sinuses in dogs and their clinical significance. VEGA Šulla Igor
1/0156/21 2021 2024 Application of multiple factor analysis to qualitative and quantitative indicators of produced wine to achieve decrease of biogenic amine content VEGA Semjon Boris
007UVLF-4/2021 2021 2023 Bioinformatic and molecular tools to study factors of pathogenicity and virulence of the medically important bacterial pathogens KEGA Pilipčinec Emil
APVV-20-0099 2021 2024 Biologically active substances of drone brood to support metabolic processes and the immune response of animals APVV Levkut Mikuláš
APVV-20-0073 2021 2025 Chorioallantoic membrane - in vivo model for study of biocompatibility of materials APVV Petrovová Eva
APVV-20-0278 2021 2024 Degradable metallic biomaterials with controlled drug release APVV Kožár Martin
2020-1-SK01-KA203-078333 2021 2023 SK: ERASMUS+ 2020-1- SK01-KA203-078333_FOODINOVO Erasmus+ Marcinčák Slavomír
1/0015/21 2021 2024 Gnotobiotic laboratory animals associated with human microbiota in the study of prevention and therapy of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). VEGA Gancarčíková Soňa
009UVLF-4/2021 2021 2023 Innovation and implementation of new knowledge of scientific research and breeding practice to improve the teaching of foreign students in the subject of Animal husbandry KEGA Farkašová Zuzana
Number of records in database: 28
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