Reg. No. Year From    Year To    Project / grant name     Scheme Project leader
003UVLF-4/2017 2017 2019   Protection of animals against cruelty-an attempt to unify the procedures of veterinary authorities, law enforcement agencies, and courts KEGA Takáčová Daniela
013UVLF-4/2017 2017 2019 The application of advanced imaging technologies into the educational process of the anatomy to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and support integration with practice KEGA Krešáková Lenka
002UVLF-4/2017 2017 2019 BVDV erradication programs of cattle: Transfer of knowledge on the line practice - education - practice KEGA Vilček Štefan
008UVLF-4/2017 2017 2019 The modernization and the making the teaching process of analytical disciplines in the study programme of pharmacy more attractive KEGA Šuleková Monika
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