Reg. No. Year From    Year To    Project / grant name     Scheme Project leader
009UVLF-4/2021 2021 2023 Innovation and implementation of new knowledge of scientific research and breeding practice to improve the teaching of foreign students in the subject of Animal husbandry KEGA Farkašová Zuzana
007UVLF-4/2021 2021 2023 Bioinformatic and molecular tools to study factors of pathogenicity and virulence of the medically important bacterial pathogens KEGA Pilipčinec Emil
010UVLF-4/21 2021 2023 Internationalization of the educational process in the study program Pharmacy by virtualization of the subject Pharmaceutical Botany with a focus on microscopy of medicinal plants KEGA Bačkorová Miriam
013UVLF-4/2021 2021 2023 Creation of study material for theoretical and practical preparation for the subject – Food and Feed Mycology and Mycotoxicology KEGA Jevinová Pavlina
005UVLF-4/2021 2021 2023 Innovation in the teaching of embryology in veterinary medicine and the implementation of new teaching aids KEGA Almášiová Viera
015UVLF-4/2021 2021 2023 Use of digital online communication tools for the implementation of distance learning in the subject Official Control of Foodstuffs KEGA Kožárová Ivona
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