Study programme:     

Basic information
Name of study programme parasitic diseases of animals       Description of the study programme     Description of the study programme
Field of study veterinary medicine
The National Qualifications Framework SKKR 8.
Standard lenght of study 4 years
Form of study full-time form of study
Degree of study third
Teaching language   english
Awarded academic degree Ph.D.
PortalVŠ code
Person responsible for the quality
Teachers of profile subjects

Information about students in academic year

Basic information about students

Total number of students: 0     Women: 0     Men: 0

Other information about students

Number of paying students: 0
Number of students with interrupted studies: 0
Number of domestic students: 0
Number of foreign students: 0
Percentage of domestic students: 0,00 %
Percentage of foreign students: 0,00 %

Student nationality


 foreign students    domestic students
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