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1/0319/20 2020 2023 SK: Vývoj aktívnych krytí rán na báze hydrogélov obsahujúcich rastlinné extrakty stimulujúce hojenie rán u zdravých a diabetických potkanov VEGA
1/0376/20 2020 2023 Stem cell secretome and extracellular vesicles in relation to neuroregeneration and neuroplasticity. VEGA Čížková Daša
1/0714/20 2020 2022 New diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for geriatric dogs with progressive decline of cognitive function. VEGA Farbáková Jana
1/0429/20 2020 2022 Molecular-genetic characterization of hepatitis E virus in food animals and risks for human population VEGA Jacková Anna
1/0402/20 2020 2023 Effect of additives in the nutrition of monogastric animals on the health production, the production parameters, the quality of products and the environment. VEGA Naď Pavel
1/0336/20 2020 2023 Utilization of biocements in cartilage and hard tissue regeneration VEGA Šimaiová Veronika
1/0314/20 2020 2023 Blood serum proteins as important biomarkers in the diagnosis of animal health VEGA Tóthová Csilla
1/0113/20 2020 2022 Molecular characteristics of selected zoonotic species and genotypes of intestinal pathogens in the environment in Slovakia VEGA Valenčáková Alexandra
1/0204/20 2020 2023 Study of the mechanism of action of flax seed on functions of female gonads and uterus of animals VEGA Vlčková Radoslava
1/0557/20 2020 2022 The lifetime of singlet oxygen in cells: a pathway to increased efficacy of photodynamic therapy for cancer VEGA Strejčková Alena
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