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1/0107/21 2021 2023 Activity of muscle myogenic stem cells and modulation of microflora in intestinal tract of poultry VEGA Levkut Martin
1/0014/21 2021 2023 Anomalies of intracranial venous sinuses in dogs and their clinical significance. VEGA Šulla Igor
1/0554/21 2021 2024 Nutraceuticals and their medical and health benefits for farm animals VEGA Faixová Zita
1/0208/21 2021 2023 SK: Vplyv obezity a endokrinných ochorení kobyly na priebeh gravidity a vývoj žriebät / VEGA Novotný František
1/0071/21 2021 2023 SK: Sledovanie vplyvu metabolitov vybraných lišajníkov na angiogenézu, proliferáciu nádorových buniek a rast patogénnych kvasiniek VEGA Balážová Ľudmila
1/0071/21 2021 2023 The monitoring of selected lichen metabolites on the angiogenesis, tumor cell proliferation and pathogenic yeast growth VEGA Bačkorová Miriam
1/0015/21 2021 2024 Gnotobiotic laboratory animals associated with human microbiota in the study of prevention and therapy of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). VEGA Gancarčíková Soňa
1/0156/21 2021 2024 Application of multiple factor analysis to qualitative and quantitative indicators of produced wine to achieve decrease of biogenic amine content VEGA Semjon Boris
1/0166/21 2021 2024 Effect of combined exposure to neonicotinoid insecticides and azole antifungal agents on selected species of non-target organisms VEGA Schwarzbacherová Viera
1/0354/21 2021 2024 Study of the replication, neurovirulent potential and the innate antivirus response against tick-borne orbiviruses in host cell models VEGA Csank Tomáš
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