Reg. No. Year From    Year To    Project / grant name     Scheme Project leader
13/2016 2016 2018 Antioxidant and antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles prepared using plant extracts IGA Salayová Aneta
15/2016 2016 2017 Modulation of reproductive abilities of pigs by flaxseed and health-promoting microorganisms IGA Andrejčáková Zuzana
08/2016 2016 2017 A serosurvey of Usutu virus infection and detection of Borrelia myiamotoi in wild birds on the Slovak republic territory IGA Korytár Ľuboš
01/2016 2016 2017 Genotyping of Giardia duodenalis from man and animals IGA Štrkolcová Gabriela
APVV-15-0419 2016 2018 Antitick protection using of modified polypropylen fibres with an acaricidal effect APVV Peťko Branislav
APVV-15-0377 2016 2020 Synergistic effect of secondary metabolites of plants and products of probiotic bacteria on inhibition of biofilm-producing pathogens. APVV Nemcová Radomíra
APVV-15-0415 2016 2020 Virome of gastrointestinal tract:of pigs and wild boars: Identification and analysis of virus agentssamostatný vedecký pracovník APVV Vilček Štefan
APVV-15-0520 2016 2020 Inteligent nanoporous systems as carriers of drugs APVV Hudák Alexander
APVV-15-0613 2016 2020 Study of functional bio-implants and cell therapy for regeneration CNS APVV Maďari Aladár
APVV-15-0134 2016 2019 Genetic diversity of selected medically important emerging and reemerging pathogens with zoonotic potential APVV Valenčáková Alexandra
Number of records in database: 33
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